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Personal Membership Free

Non-Commercial listing in phone book pages and people of Lake County pages (under construction) with address, phone numbers, link to your personal web page and email. NON-COMMERCIAL ONLY!

Limited Membership $59.95 per year

Listing in category directory and phone book pages with complete address and phone numbers (no links).

Merchant Membership $99.95 per year

Listing in directory, Yellow Pages and White Pages with complete address, phone numbers PLUS, Links to your web page and email.

  • Free Membership certificate suitable for display.
  • Free non-commercial or employment classifieds.
  • Free public service or community announcements via The Lake Community Notes.

Charter Membership $129.95 per year

Everything included in the Merchant Membership program PLUS:

  • Free emailing to the LakeInfo Users Club (twice per year).
  • Free Two coupons on our Coupon Page (may change up to 4 times per year).
  • Free Submission via spider of your index page to over 200 search engines.
  • Free LakeInfo email address forwarded to your present email box.
  • Free Basic web page, (limited to 25k in size) - Including:
    • Free Two week sponsorship of the Lake Community Notes when you join (a $100 value)
    • Free LakeInfo URL "http://yourname.lakeInfo.com/"
    • Free changes to your LakeInfo page up to four times per year, at your request
    • Free scan of your logo and placement of it on your LakeInfo page
    • Free one stock clipart or graphic on your LakeInfo page (from our archives)
    • Free Hit counter on your LakeInfo page.

Premium Membership Available

Email Contact for futher information.

Don't have internet access or email? Receive your email via our FaxMail Services. When a prospective customer sends an email to your LakeInfo email address, our system will forward it via fax to you. If you don't have a fax, we will print it and send via snail-mail. All this for only $25 per year with your LakeInfo membership.